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Finished My CELTA

FINALLY!!!...I'm finished my CELTA. To be honest, it was nowhere near as hard as I'd expected, it was just a lot of work. I only got a pass, because I realized early on I would really have to work hard to get a B or an A, but I could get a pass with a minimum of effort. The people on my course were pretty cool for the most part, except for the fat, balding, old American pedo who got booted from the course for downloading child porn on the school computers...what a freak! Also, in a strange twist of fate, I ended up studying with a girl who worked at my old, crappy school in Busan.
With the courseload, and the fact that the school was way out in the middle of nowhere, I only got to do one night of partying a week, but I generally made up for it as I had some pretty mad nights in Chiang Mai. On Friday, we all finished the course and headed into town together for a night of partying, which ended up with a few of us on a mission to get the 18 year old guy on our course laid for the first time...mission accomplished.

Anyways, I'm going to stay in Chiang Mai until after Songkran, the Thai New Years festival which is basically just a massive drunken waterfight, then I'm probably going to head up to Pai and Mae Hong Son for some fun and trekking.

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2 Days in Chang Mai...Now It's Time to Study

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My 2 days in Chang Mai were great. After my week of dryness, I met up with a dutch guy I'd met in Vang Vieng and a Swedish guy I'd come to Chang Mai with and we went partying late.

The next day I met up with my mate Dan and realized that I'd forgotten how mad/fun he is. We ended up getting chased by a ladyboy with a razor (because Dan threw a bottle of water at him/her and kept yelling "witch!witch!") and later on, Dan decided to steal a tuk tuk so it ended up with Dan driving the tuk tuk around with me in the back. Everything ended up all right though.

Yesterday, I moved into my CELTA pad and it's pretty nice. Actually, it's nicer than any place I've lived or stayed at...since I left Canada, maybe... It is pretty remote though, so although it will be good for studying, it does feel a bit like a rehab clinic.

Probably won't have anything to write until the weekend, as I'll be studying and prepping most of the time.

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Arrived in Chang Mai

Can't believe I ended up in Bangkok for a week...At least I'm outta there now. The first few days were a blast (except for the fact that the first place I stayed had tons of bedbugs), I partied it up in Khao San Road and had a ton of fun, but unfortunately I ended up getting a massive stomach bug so I spent all week taking antibiotics and chilling out around the guesthouse. It wasn't that bad though, there were a lot of interesting people at the guesthouse so the time actually went by quickly. I ended up taking a pretty dodgy (so-called) "VIP" bus that probably broke down about 10 times on the way up, but hey, what can you expect for only 350 baht?

Tonight I'm going to head out on the town and tomorrow I'm going to meet up with my mate Dan from Australia. On Sunday, I have to move into my place to start my CELTA. It's going to be a month of hell, so if I don't update my blog for a while, that's the reason.

Take it easy everyone!

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Southern Laos is Amazing

Hey everybody...I'm back in Bangkok now after a week in Southern Laos. Anyways, like the title says, Southern Laos was amazing. I took an overnight bus from Vientiane to Pakse, then jumped on a bus to Champusak.

Champusak is the old capital of Laos, and it has the Lao version of Angkor wat (although even though I haven't yet been to Angkor, I'm guessing the Lao version is a lot more dilapidated). I hitched a ride with a farmer to the temple and spent the day checking out the ruins.

After that, I went back to the guesthouse, which had a restaurant on a balcony hanging over the Mekong - it was an amazing view. Not too much to do at night, so I just chilled out and went to bed.

The next day, I hopped on a bus to Don Det (Det Island) in Si Phan Don (4000 Islands). I met an American guy and a Dutch girl and we rode a pretty crappy public bus, which ended up blowing a tire and breaking down for 2 hours in a tiny Lao village. It was actually an interesting experience though, and I didn't mind it.

Si Phan Don was amazing - one of the most beautiful places I've seen so far. The Mekong river fans out and forms a bunch of little islands that you can swim between. On Don Det there is even a nice (although small) beach. Don Det was pretty chill, there isn't electricity on the island so most guesthouses run the generator until 8 pm, after that there's no electricity except at the Reggae Bar, a bar where you can get all kinds of "happy" meals and there's even a trampoline from the bar into the river.

I'm probably going to be in Bangkok for 3 days or so, after that I'm going to start heading north to Chang Mai as my course starts next week. Can't believe I'm going to have to study after a month of doing nothing at all....

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Headin' South


I am now back in Vientiane. After my day of recovery on Wednesday, I pulled another day of tubing...Had a blast again, although I couldn't do as many swings because my arms were killing me from doing so many on Tuesday. The only problem was that on Friday morning, I realized that I had only 6 dollars to my name and I couldn't get any money out of the ATM so I had to go back to Vientiane. Also, if I didn't get to the Thai Embassy before 3 pm, I would have had to wait in Vientiane until Monday, so I busted out of there on a minibus as early as possible in the morning.

Made it to Vientiane and the Thai Embassy, got my passport and walked around a bit...Aside from Pha Tat Luang, there's not a lot to see (although it's pretty cool). Met up with my friend Thierry, who I'd met in the Phillippines and he took me out with his friends in Vientiane - it ended up being a really crazy night, partying on the veranda of a club in a massive hotel overlooking the Mekong. Really crazy night.

In a few hours, I'm jumping on an overnight bus to Pakse (Pakxe?) to get to Champusak and Si Phan Don (4000 islands) to do some trekking and communing with nature.

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