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5 Days In Guanajuato

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After arriving in Guanajuato on the overnight bus, the first thing I did was crash out. The second thing I did was to walk around. Put simply, Guanajuato is gorgeous. It's basically a small city, but it's one of the more important cities in Mexican history. For one, it was the site of a lot of activity during the Mexican revolution. For another, it was the home of some of Mexico's greatest artists, like Diego Rivera, which has resulted in a lot of museums and art exhibits. Third, it had one of the world's richest mining veins, so it became one of the wealthier cities in Mexico with loads of European style outdoor cafes. Finally, it's home to one of the best art universities in Mexico, resulting in a large student population with a decent nightlife. If you put those things together, the end result is Guanajuato today.

I spend the first day wandering around the streets of Guanajuato and taking in the architecture. Lots of color, lots of interesting buildings, lots of ... churches (this is Mexico). Way too many Mexicans snogging around the clock though. After a few hours of walking around, I ended up meeting up with an English guy I'd met in Zacatecas, Sam, and a Chinese girl I'd also met in Zacatecas, Ying. The next few days were spent exploring the city, climbing a hill to check out a statue of a Mexican revolutionary, checking out art museums, the nightlife, and a Mummy museum (which was really cool). Also, on Wednesday it was the Virgin of Guadalupe day, one of the biggest days of the year in Mexico. People were lining up (over a kilometer long) to try to get into a church at the top of the hill. There were tons of food stands, people selling stuff, makeshift food courts, and little kids running around dressed up in their little costumes. Overall, it was a pretty interesting experience.

Our last night in Guanajuato, Sam and I had the brilliant idea to drink a whole bottle of kahlua (because it's so cheap in Mexico). The night started off fine, as we met a Canadian guy and a few European girls who were studying in Guadalajara, but apparently drinking a whole bottle of liqueur is not a good idea as we both ended up feeling really sick and messed up that night. Like, in a constant state of having to vomit. Even though we were messed up (or maybe because of it) though, we both ended up being really ...strange... with Sam giggling like a school girl and feeling like he was on mushrooms, and myself offering up gifts to the Virgin of Guadalupe draped in a towel... and things that were even stranger. Everybody on the roof ended up laughing half the night, but when I went back down to go to the bathroom, I ended up feeling really messed up so I went to bed. The only problem was that I was so sick that I had to curl up into the fetal position because if I unfolded myself, I felt like I was going to die. After a few hours of constantly trying to get to sleep, I finally managed to pass out, but unfortunately, we both missed out bus to Mexico City the next day.

We did manage to get the next bus, but we were both in such rough shape that the bus ride was a total ordeal. By the time we arrived in Mexico City, we were tired, hungry, hungover, and generally not in a fantastic state. Plus, the Mexican couple in the seats in front of us kept making out and giggling and acting like 12 year old school children. We both felt like taking a baseball to them. Eventually, safe and sound, we arrived at our hostel, but neither of us was really in top shape so we just ended up crashing out.

Next blog...Mexico City!

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