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Tequila in Tequila and a Party in a Mine Shaft

After changing my plans, I changed my plans again... Such is life when you´re travelling solo. Since my amigo reckoned he could get the boat in the water for the beginning of January and there were a few places I really wanted to see in the interior of Mexico, I first decided to head to Guadalajara by bus.

The bus took a bit longer than I expected, so I didn´t get into Guadalajara until about 9 pm. After heading downtown, I got a bit lost and realized that walking down dark, vacant streets in a big Mexican city with all of my bags is probably not a good idea. Luckily, after stopping a few times at hotels to ask where I was, I finally ended up where I wanted to go safe and sound. It was a bit wierd to get back into the staying at hostels thing, but you know you´re staying at a good place when you check in and they give you a shot of Tequila. After heading out for some tacos, I met some guys and ended up getting a bit pissed on Mezcale, a drink that´s like Tequila, just nowhere near as pure.

Tequila.jpg Cuervo_Factory_1.jpg Cuervo_Fac..e_Pinas.jpg Cuervo_Fac..Barrels.jpg

The next day, I ended up going to Tequila with the guys I had met the night before. We went on a tour of the Jose Cuervo factory, which, to be honest, was a massive ripoff. Ten bucks for a tour, where all you get is a tiny little margarita at the end. At least we made up for it by stealing a few more from the bar before we left. After that, we went to a little tequila shop for "tequila tasting". Considering the fact that we basically were just drinking their tequila and not paying for it, the staff was pretty nice. We ended up buying a bottle of Don Julio Anejo, a pretty premium bottle of tequila and heading back to Guadalajara. After dinner (and getting lost again on the way back from the bus station), we drank the whole bottle between the three of us and went out clubbing with another guy from America. The place we went to wasn´t that great, but we still had a blast.

Because there was a massive electronic concert near Guadalajara, there were prettty much no beds in town for the Saturday night so I decided to head off to Zacatecas, a mining town about 5 hours from Guadalajara. It would have been cool to go to the festie, but paying 120 bucks to go by myself to an outdoor concert in the middle of winter didn´t seem like a great idea. Plus, how good of a festie could it have been if the headliner is Bjork??? Zacatecas is a historic mining town with a lot of churches, cathedrals (standard Latin American fare), but the main draw is that there is a 1000 m deep mine shaft with a night club in it . Also, because the rock in the area is pink limestone, the whole city is pink, which is a bit strange. After arriving in Zacatecas, I met a few Scandinavian guys and we had a few drinks before heading to the mine shaft. I kind of feel like I´m repeating myself every time I say this, but once again, the party wasn´t that great. It seems like pretty much every time I´ve gone out so far in Mexico, I´ve been a bit disappointed. The layout of the club itself was pretty cool, being in a mine shaft and all, and it was pretty funny to see the waiters all wearing hardhats, but the guy to girl ratio there was about 20 to 1 and there were only rich mexicans who were basically there to sit in their groups and show off. Not my ideal scenario. On the plus side, the drinks were surprisingly cheap and the 3 of us ended up downing a bottle of vodka.

Zacatecas_1.jpg Zacatecas_Arches.jpg Zacatecas_Cathedral_2.jpg Zacatecas_Memorial.jpg Zacatecas_Skyline_2.jpg

Apparently in Zacatecas, every Sunday there is no power from the morning until 3 in the afternoon, and the whole city was basically closed (Sunday + Latin Country + small town = nothing open) so I decided to walk around town. It was actually a pretty picturesque town - cobblestone streets that head off in every direction, lots of little walkways, lots of churches, and lots of... pink. However, since my plans changed again and I´m now going to be flying home for Christmas on the 19th, instead of spending a few more days there to see how the city is during the day when places are actually open, I ended up taking a 3 am bus to Guanajuato, which is where I´ll be staying until Thursday or Friday.

Hasta Luego

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